Why brand matters

Today we wanted to talk to you guys a little bit about the importance of branding. Every company will have a logo, even if a basic one. This logo will normally determine the rest of the look across their products and services down to the colour scheme, fonts and other key elements. Why is this important? Well its what the public and businesses around you recognise you as. You can think about branding as your companies equivalent of how we as humans must present ourselves to people, we dress up nicely, keep our hair neat (when we can) and so forth. So if it matters for us as individuals, surely it translates in the way we view businesses and their brands!

Recent branding work we did for Booze Drop


Branding gives your company and your business an identity to customers and other businesses that work with you.


It is also an important element of building a direction for your companies future. When you have a well presented brand that has a strong presence and identity it helps better incorporate your values and ethos, therefore allowing for better growth.


Most importantly it helps you generate more results in terms of sales, conversions, customer loyalty, social media presence and so much more.

Basic flyer design we did for RD window cleaning services

The problem

So from thanking these key advantages of good branding, we can work it backwards and identify the issues with bad branding.

There are multiple issues that can arise from a bad brand. To mention a few it could make the product or service look tacky or cheap, it can make the company come across as unprofessional or potentially underperforming, it can lead to bad media coverage if you are a larger business and for smaller companies that are trying to promote themselves, it can bring negative word of mouth through social media and reviews. We know how important online reviews and social media comments have affected sales and results for companies.

The solution

Rebranding is a proven method that even the titans of the business world have used countless times in order to shift public opinion and improve there overall performance.

Take examples such as McDonalds with there new, modern but simple rebranding of all their packaging. Instagram rebranded after it boomed into the industry and became a giant in the social media world, they decided to create a simple but modern theme that they kept consistent all across the platform to allow the content to stand out over the apps features, which are basic and minimalistic anyway. MasterCard also rebranded their logo, a minor change however this allowed them to fit in with the evolving digital banking scene by moving away from the retro logo it had for years before.

So a rebrand or, in some cases, even a small change can make all the difference, especially when supported with the correct marketing campaign.

In essence your branding is core to your companies identity, when you appear through advertising and promotions, or if people walk past your store fronts, they will associate the branding they recognise you by to the impression they have of you given to them by media, word of mouth etc. However if your brand has a bad image you can still work on rebranding and other things mentioned previously.

If you feel you need to talk to us about your branding, get in touch today.


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