Oxford Half Marathon

Josh will be running in the Oxford Half Marathon on the 7th October on behalf of Play2Give (P2G).

Why Play2Give

They are an award-winning, Didcot-based charity who support other local charities and causes as well as Oxford Children’s Hospital.

The charity was started in 2007 by British Citizen Award Winner Andy Baker. To this date they have raised almost £100k!

They run various events throughout the year including quiz nights, Summer Fayres, raffles, tombolas, Christmas & New Year’s Eve parties and more. The list goes on!

Visit their website here, or follow them on Facebook & Twitter.

Why this is (and is going to be) a struggle

A few things you should know about Josh… He has spent the past 12 years doing and competing in Olympic Weightlifting.

For those that don’t know, the two sports really don’t mix. At all. One is about pure strength and the other is about stamina.

The training has been a struggle and the marathon will be even more so!

To make a donation click here.

Note: Every penny of every pound will go to Play2Give. 100% – all of it. None of this 83p out of £1 rubbish!


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