The key elements of a website

In this article we’ll look at a few vital parts that often get overlooked when designing a website.

1) Mobile Responsive Design

OK, so not really a ‘part’ as such, but a very key component. Why?

  • Around 66% of web browsers use their mobile or tablet, oppose to a PC or Laptop.*
  • Around 30% of those mobile visitors will leave a website if it’s not responsive. No one likes the constant ‘zoom in’ and ‘zoom out’.**
  • Google actively promotes responsive websites in mobile searches and de-promotes non-responsive sites.

Check if your site is mobile responsive here.

2) Contact info

Can your potential customers find your contact details?

Unsurprisingly, up to 44% of visitors will leave the website if there is a lack of contact info.*

We’ve all been on a website at one point (especially large corporations) and had a trouble finding the contact page, right?

If you want your customers to contact you, and I assume most companies would, then make sure your contact page or information is easy to find!

3) Service/product pages

It’s all well and good telling customers why they should buy from you, your company’s mission & values, the charitable causes etc. However, we’ve found many websites fail to have a dedicated page or a specific part of their website that actually tells potential clients what they offer and what the client will get, in plain English.

Have a bulleted list, a table, or use icons, just make it clear on your website what you do or sell.

4) Call To Actions (CTAs)

You could have a beautiful & slick website, the most elegantly written prose, the best graphics/photos, and nice flow of traffic – but still no sales or enquiries.

Why? A lack of call to actions.

SIDE BAR: What are call to actions? Exactly as it’s written, they encourage users to take action on a website. They can be buttons, contact forms, popups, links etc.

If you don’t have the CTAs in place to encourage a client to purchase your products or make an enquiry about your service, then chances are they won’t!

Got you thinking?

If you’d like to run your website past us for a free, no-obligation report on how it can be improved, give us a call or drop us a line.

*Source Cubicle Ninja
**Source Crazy Egg


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