The Importance of Mobile Responsive Websites

Mobile Responsive websites are websites that collapse to fit beautifully on a mobile phone or tablet.

With mobile phones and tablets being the most popular browsing devices, taking responsibility for over 60% of web usage, here’s why you need a mobile ready website…

User Experience – How Your Potential Customers Respond

Around 30% of mobile visitors will leave a website if it’s not responsive, with 40% of those going to a competitor’s site instead.

Nobody likes to constantly zoom in and zoom out to view content.

The Impact on Google

As well as the user experience, Google actively promotes responsive websites in mobile searches and de-promotes non-responsive sites.

Check if your site is mobile responsive here.

What to do if your website is not responsive?

Realistically there are only two options.

Option (1)
Re-design your website from scratch.

Option (2)
Implement mobile responsive aspects (inserting classes for rows and columns) within your current website.

As for costs, there’s probably not much difference in either option, depending on your website.

If you’d like to run your website past us for a free, no-obligation report on how it can be improved, give us a call or drop us a line.

*All stats from sweor.com


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