Getting to know our Design Process

When looking at design process’s it is important to know the key things to consider before starting to work on your project. In this article we will look at the various stages involved for anyone who is interested in creating a new brand or developing an existing brand for their business. 

The Process

The Brief 

Every design project begins with a brief, this is the first stage and is critical for establishing the basic premise of what the client is looking to achieve, it also allows a chance for the designer to offer suggestions and establish the feasibility of the original request. 


The research stage involves the designer looking into concepts and finding inspiration for an idea surrounding the clients requests during the brief stage. Once the research is complete there should be a clear idea of what the design concept should be based off of. 

Mood boarding

This stage involves gaining visual and text assets that fit the design brief to create a wide array of options that work for a single brief, this involves a variation of colour combinations, basic design styles and is essentially a reference from which specific aspects will be taken and reworked for the purpose of the brief. 

Concept Development

Now we are at a stage where we are able to develop the concepts to be presented to the client. Between the research, mood boarding and brief having been established there is enough information to put the concepts together.

Concept Refinement

Once the concepts have been put together, styles established and several variations put together we can work on refining the concepts that have been put together, this is essentially the stage at which the designer goes over all the information provided and ensures they have met the clients brief as accurately as possible.

Client Feedback

This is the first stage at which the client will see the designs in a presentable format, all the stages prior to this should have been done in such a way that the designs presented will be very close to what the client envisioned. However it is to be expected that somethings may need tweaking or changing just to fine tune the details and it is at this point that the client can outline these issues for the designer to go and make the last touch ups. 


The designs are now looked at on the basis of client feedback with last changes being made, this  can be changes to the colour scheme, font or just some basic restructuring of the layout. 

Client Approval

Finally the most important part of the process, the client and the designer review the final designs and agree to move forward with a single design. From here the client can establish exactly what formats and variations they need for the purpose of their business so that the designer can make all the final assets.

What we can see from breaking down the process is how key the initial and continued communication between the designer and the client can be. If the above steps are carried out clearly and understood by both parties, the work can be done more accurately and within a more efficient time frame. So when it comes to you approaching your branding, be sure to gather the relevant information needed for yourself and your designer. Hopefully this article gives you a better idea of what to expect when commencing the process.

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