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We can do all the heavy lifting. With either your Control Panel or FTP access we can take a copy of your website files and upload them to our server. We will then view the web files on our server in a test environment to ensure a successful transition before changing the DNS records or Name Servers.

No. Plain and simple. We will make sure ALL web files & databases are copied and uploaded to the new server in their entirety.

When migrating a website there is usually some downtime expected, however we aim to keep this to a minimum by making sure the files are uploaded and configured to the new hosting platform before changing the DNS settings, NameServer or transferring the domain. We also look to do the transfer in 'out-of-office' hours where possible. The average downtime in a website transfer is roughly 2 hours.

When changing web hosts you will have to option (free of charge) to move your email accounts over to our platform. If you decide to move over to our platform we can help you to take backup(s) of existing email accounts to ensure you do not lose any data. We will then migrate your mail accounts over to the new server and help set them up on your PC/Laptop/phone.

Equally, you can keep your emails hosted on your original platform should you wish and we will just configure the DNS records accordingly.

Yes. Our hosting comes with an SSL free of charge. An SSL stands for Secure Sockets Layer which is a level of encryption designed to stop harmful attacks and malware.

If your website is a Content Management System, we will help keep it secure by making sure the updates are completed.

The exact speed depends on many factors like the platform your website was built on, the web page size (i.e. number of pictures and video's), the user's internet speed and the server environment.

We only use SSD (Solid State Drive) storage servers which provide the faster load speeds over the other type of storage, HDD - Hard Disk Drive.

Yes you can. We do give you the option to transfer your domain over to us - the benefit of transferring it to our platform means we take care of the renewal fee - which is included in the hosting, however, if you decide to keep your domain registered elsewhere, we can either change your Name Servers or DNS records to point to our servers making sure your website is live without hitches - we can explain both the Nameservers and DNS records options.

That depends on what you're after. We have a few guide prices here, which can give you an indication of cost, but ultimately, please feel free to call or email us to discuss your needs and we will give you an accurate quote from there.