Are You Getting Too Much Spam?

A hot topic on the web and no, it’s not the meat. Spam emails are annoying and can be dangerous.

They fill up your mailbox and take up your time.

They can be phishing or farming – where they will try to get you to pay ‘legitimate invoices’ or hand over your bank details. Often they will mimic HMRC or banks.

We have four levels of spam filters on our servers ranging from ‘low’ to ‘Extreme’ but sometimes that just doesn’t quite cut it.

So, what can you do?

Here are our top recommendations:

  1. Swap your email address on your website for a contact form, you can put a recaptcha (Google’s anti-bot tick box) on it too.
  2. If you can’t add a form or you want to have your email address on the site, you can replace it with a worded email address, for example, josh (at) Prystine (dot) co (dot) uk – although this isn’t very user friendly.
  3. Mark all incoming spam mail as spam/junk – often overlooked but this will dramatically reduce the amount that builds up in your inbox.
  4. Ask your host to increase your spam filter level.

For more info, drop us an em… give us a call!


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