An SSL – All You Need To Know

We implemented an important change to ALL our hosted websites a good few months ago.

That being, adding an SSL to all of our hosting packages.

You’ve probably seen the acronym SSL or HTTPS flown around the internet the past few weeks and there’s a good reason for that which we’ll get to shortly.

In this post we will reveal what an SSL is, why you need one and how to get one.

Firstly, what is an SSL?

In short, SSL stands for Secure Sockets Layer and is a level of encryption designed to help protect your website and your users from harmful attackers and malicious software.

If you have an SSL, when visitors click on your website they will be re-routed to HTTPS://yourdomain.co.uk oppose to just HTTP://yourdomain.co.uk

Why do I need one?

Other than the added security, there are a few good reasons …

In July 2018, Google will actively de-promote sites without an SSL.

Also, Google Chrome and other web browsers will actively display sites without an SSL as “insecure”.

So, your site should see a slightly increased search engine ranking.

If you operate an e-commerce website, it is even more essential because it is your responsibility to make sure the information you collect from your customers is safe and protected. An SSL also gives your users peace of mind when making payments on your platform.

How do I get one?

Your first port of call will be to contact your web host. They should be able to arrange an SSL and, most likely it will be free of charge.

The whole process should only take a matter of minutes, however in some cases an SSL can take up to 24 hours to be implemented.

99% of the time an SSL won’t affect the running of your website – but it’s best practice to take a backup first.

If you have any questions about your current hosting situation or if you are unsure whether you have an SSL or not, please feel free to talk to us.


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